Friday, 30 March 2012

Production Journal

This is my final production post and I would like to sum up what I have produce over this year's coursework and how I have coped with it.

I have produced a music video to the song Parklife sang by Blur, I have also produced a Digi Pack design and an advert for the Album. I used a flip camera to film the footage, a mac and final cut pro to edit the footage and photoshop elements to produce the Digi Pack and advert.

I also used Prezi to make my evaluation as we had to present it. This also gave my teacher something different to look at other than another powerpoint.

We got our idea for our music video because the song is called Parklife so we wanted to do something different from the obvious which worked out well considering our location problems we had and because it was a big set up we had to try and get all the filming done it one big chunk.

Overall I think we done well with lack of location and cast. Of course there is room for improvement to make it run a bit more smoothly.

Here is my finished poster for my advert that advertises when the album will be available and where.   

Final Digi Pack

Here is my final Digi Pack as I have put in all the small details and editing things that people told to me change when we did our final show of our music video and Digi Packs 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Production Journal

Due to the feedback we got from our first rough cut, we had to re-film most of a footage, we made a few changes and made corrections that peers and our teacher's had pick up on.

For example, it was a bit too obvious that our 'office' was actually a school class room as we had posters and things around the room that gave it away, we made sure we took down or covered anything that made it look like a classroom.

We also changed the costume because we thought it was too casual so we decided the characters should wear shirts and ties, this made it look even more like an office.

We managed to re-film a lot of footage and we also filmed extra parts because of the feed back we had received. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Editing Evidence

Here is a screen shot of a clip of our filming and also what our office looked like when it was finished and we had the cast in their positions.

This is a screen shot of Final Cut Pro the editing software that we using, and this shows how our clips and sound, were put together to make our work. 

This is a screen shot of another part of our footage, that Elliot went to London to film, this helps the audience understand that our footage will be shot in an office. Also the dark lighting will emphasize its late at night.

This is more screen shots of Final Cut Pro to show how we are editing our footage.

 This screen shot of Final Cut Pro shows how we used a variety of different shots like long shots and close up's.